Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation latest organization to earn Green Plus Certification


The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation became the latest organization to earn Green Plus Certification, joining the ranks of more than 75 businesses and organizations around the country to earn the distinction. 

Based in Winston-Salem, NC, Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation has been a supporter of the Institute for Sustainable Development’s Green Plus program for several years.  This year, ZSR Foundation joined in a partnership with the Institute to provide technical assistance to ten nonprofit organizations across North Carolina through the Green Plus program.

“The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation is committed to building an equitable, sustainable and vibrant state. The Green Plus program and its services has offered the Foundation valuable tools to assist us in aligning our internal operations with our values,” said Meisha McDaniel, ZSR Foundation’s Green Team leader.  “Earning our Green Plus certification represents the culmination of ZSR’s 10+ year journey toward becoming a sustainable organization.”

Chris Carmody, Institute Executive Director, said, “The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation illustrates how philanthropic foundations can help their grantees become more sustainable.” “The ZSR Foundation not only expects a lot from its grantees, but is leading by example,” Carmody concluded. 

The Z. Smith Reynolds is the second philanthropic foundation to earn full Green Plus Certification.   They achieved Certification by creating a “Green Office Best Practices” guide for current and future employees and establishing a company-wide set of green policies to which employees must adhere. Other practices include energy-efficient measures, encouraging use of carpooling and alternative transportation, and educating staff on how to be more sustainable in the office and at home.

We educate, motivate, and recognize smaller enterprises for their efforts towards becoming more sustainable. We’re here to offer tangible, practical tips and expertise in sustainability.
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