Innovative IT Asset Management Services: Now Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility


Big companies go big. They use fleets of cars, desks, even people…and computers. They may not be in the automobile, furniture, human resources or computer business but these resources just go with the territory of “big business.” IT asset management, used here to mean: leaving the disposal of retired computer equipment to a third-party specialist, is not new, in and of itself. What is new is a way for large, innovative companies in the Triangle to leave the handling of IT assets to a specialist while also supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education in local public high schools. This end-to-end solution for exponential value recovery is provided by Green Plus Certified Triangle Ecycling’s AMS Division.

IT AMS must focus on secure asset handling, data destruction and financial return. IT assets, hundreds of laptops used by a sales force or research staff for example, must be handled in a secure way when being transported and stored. Inventory and serial numbers must be tracked. Processes must be in place and strictly adhered to in order to avoid loss or theft of corporate IP or other data. Hard drives must be wiped and overwritten to Department of Defense standards. These processes must be 100% guaranteed.  Triangle Ecycling AMS does all this and more backed by a multimillion dollar professional liability insurance policy. We adhere to the highest standards of ethical recycling downstream. IT assets are sold only to certifiably proper buyers and proceeds are shared with client companies.

Now Triangle Ecycling AMS introduces an innovative new way for big companies to give back to their communities through this process, at no additional cost or reduction in revenues. Our E-Scholar Program trains local public high school students in hands-on IT support and prepares them for the sustainable job market. Triangle Ecycling works directly with the Career and Technical Education Divisions of the Durham, Chapel Hill-Carrboro and Orange County school systems. Client companies can be recognized with naming rights to scholarships and programs as well as trucks, labs and other sustainable equipment. Tangible returns are generated at no additional cost with the highest level of professionalism in the IT AMS business. The C-Suite, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility leaders in your company need to know about this unique way to support STEM Education in the Triangle.

Serge Mouthon, a mechanical engineer, most recently General Manager of Global Electric Electronic Processing where he managed and developed its enterprise-level IT AMS Division, has joined with Larry Herst, a regulatory lawyer and Founder of Triangle Ecycling, to bring this unique IT AMS service to Triangle companies.  These two professionals together provide a customized solution working directly with client IT and CSR management. IT AMS is integrated with your company’s sustainability goals. Please call Serge Mouthon today at 919-604-2261 to learn more and schedule a consultation.

Triangle Ecycling is on a mission to promote a new alchemy: converting e-waste into education. We provide a way for businesses, organizations and individuals to support sustainability education and give back to the Triangle community through electronics refurbishing and recycling.
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