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Hard-to-Recycle Plastics Find New Life

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Hard-to-Recycle Plastics Find New Life

Recycling has long been established as an effective form of waste management, along with being a vital part of moving towards becoming a sustainable society, but how much do you really know about it? For some people, it might be surprisingly little. When it comes to plastic, most recyclers only …

Drew Nitschke is a first-year graduate student at Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment, working towards degree in Environmental Economics and Policy. He is especially interested in sustainability and how it relates to business of all sizes. He graduated from UCLA in June 2012 after...
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How to Recycle #5 Plastics

If you use local recycling services, there’s a decent chance #5 platics aren’t accepted.  Yogurt, cottage cheese, hummus, and medicine bottles are commonly packaged in #5 plastic containers.  If you’re a serious recycler and your municipality doesn’t accept #5 plastic, there may be another option available – returning these items …