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Billboard Creates Drinkable Water from Thin Air

Water scarcity is emerging as one of the most pressing global issues, but it also represents an incredible opportunity for problem-solving innovation. One such example is found outside of Lima, Peru, where total rainfall is virtually zero and humidity can reach up to 98 percent, resulting in a shortage of …

Drew Nitschke is a first-year graduate student at Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment, working towards degree in Environmental Economics and Policy. He is especially interested in sustainability and how it relates to business of all sizes. He graduated from UCLA in June 2012 after...
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Pasteurization Technology Group - Leaders in the Water Revolution

Clean, safe drinking water is scarce in the developing world. Over a billion people lack access and 2.6 billion lack adequate sanitation. In the developed world, water is often used inefficiently or wasted and water treatment is expensive and highly energy intensive. The result is a global water crisis adversely …

Susannah Brouwer has worked for more than a decade to help organizations build their brand, engage the community and pursue sustainability to achieve business development goals. Susannah earned a Master's Degree in Environmental Management from Duke University in 2012. Her concentration was...
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