Making Money with Garbage: A Green Plus Podcast


Green Plus Community Coordinator Amanda Komar had the opportunity to sit down with Jeff Baldassari, President & CEO of The Taylor Companies, the oldest furniture manufacturing company in the country and a Green Plus Certified business.  One of Jeff’s biggest concerns was how to handle the waste generated through the manufacturing process, but through some innovative waste reduction strategies, Jeff has managed to keep his factory clean and green, and even discovered new revenue opportunities.

Take a listen to this week’s podcast to hear more about how The Taylor Companies made money on what they considered garbage, and discover strategies you can implement to get your waste reduction efforts off the ground…

…and check out NPR’s Marketplace full interview with Jeff Baldasarri in 2010. 

“BALDASSARI: I am not a treehugger by any means. But by the same token, I’m a huge, huge fan of sustainability.

And here’s why: With all the savings on trash, plus energy efficient machinery, Taylor saves about $100,000 a year.

BALDASSARI: The guys in the factory, if I tell them, Hey, we save $100,000 a year by diverting this waste and saving on energy, they’ll think that’s three jobs that have been saved. If I talk to people in marketing, they’ll say that’s $2 million of sales. That’s the net profit from $2 million in sales. If I talk to people in accounting, they’ll think “Our overhead is less.”

The Institute for Sustainable Development / Green Plus



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