What Is Green Plus Certification?

Green Plus Certification is a third party certification that means an organization gets the full spectrum of sustainability – green, plus people and economic performance practices -and walks the walk to back it up. Organizations that have earned Certification often have historically excelled in one area of sustainability, and then work over time to incorporate the full spectrum of sustainable practices.

You might recognize the Green Plus Certified businesses and nonprofits in your community as respected employers and active community supporters. Certification is a signal of commitment to long term viability – thinking beyond the short term.

How does Green Plus determine who becomes certified? Green Plus Certification means an organization has earned a score of 80% or higher on the Green Plus Diagnostic Survey, with a minimum score of 70% in each triple bottom line category – People, Planet and Performance. Once the minimum score is earned, organizations must successfully complete a document verification process. 20% of all Certified organizations receive a site visit on an annual basis for assurance purposes. Certification is awarded by the nonprofit behind Green Plus, the Institute for Sustainable Development, which was created by universities, chambers of commerce, and philanthropic supporters.

Green Plus was created to both foster and recognize these movers and shakers in your community. Support their efforts by doing business with them or joining them as an employee. 

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