What’s the Process?

To begin the program, first register on the website.

Getting Started Stage
The Green Plus team will schedule an introductory call with you to learn about your organization, understand your goals in joining the program, and answer any questions you have.

-Form a “green team.”
-Define what “sustainability” means for your organization.
-Discuss/explain the program and objectives with management and broader team.

Diagnostic Stage
To get a baseline of where you are today, fill out the online Green Plus Diagnostic Survey. We’ll review your answers and prepare a report detailing where you are today and what the opportunity areas are for improvement and moving toward Certification.

-Review the questions in advance to see if you’ll need to solicit any input or feedback from members of your team.
-Enter supporting information in the text box to help our team prepare your report.

Planning Stage
After receiving feedback, plan your next steps. Review opportunity areas and consider ease of implementation, time involved, cost, strategic value, and management input to help shape priorities. An 80% score is required overall with a minimum of 70% in People, Planet and Performance categories to qualify for certification.

-Assign owners to actions.
-Set rough time-bound goals for launching new practices.
-Schedule green team check-in meetings.

Nitty Gritty Stage
Launch new practices in line with your plan.

-Review the Green Plus How To Guide for resources related to specific practices.
-Begin organizing documents, information and policies related to sustainability into a binder for handy reference.

Certification Stage
After you’ve launched new practices, update your answers online to receive an updated report. Once the score of 80% overall is met, the Green Plus team will schedule a phone call with you to check in and request a handful of key documents in order to complete the assurance process. Once the assurance process is complete, you’ll be officially Certified.

-Consider with whom and how you’d like to share the news of your Green Plus Certification.
-Review Green Plus Certified logos for use on your website and emails.
-Plan where you’d like to show off your Green Plus Certified window cling.
-Convene your green team to discuss ongoing objectives beyond Certification.

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