Why Green Plus?

When it comes to tackling sustainability, you have options – Google it, get a degree, hire a consultant or specialized staffer. But what will give you the biggest bang for your buck? Time is precious. You need a roadmap to give you direction and the tools to get there.

Green Plus was developed specifically with smaller enterprise is mind, those with 500 or fewer employees. We’ve worked with you enough to know that time is scarce and that anything you commit to needs to strengthen your bottom line. That’s why Green Plus is focused on practical, achievable, cost-effective steps that benefit your organization in the long run – and frequently the short run as well. Green Plus allows you to work at your own pace while giving you the feedback and support along the way to help you get to a new level.

Green Plus was developed by sustainability whizzes at top tier universities, the University of North Carolina and Duke University. These academics joined forces with their local chambers of commerce, who know what it’s like working with smaller enterprises, fusing cutting edge academic thinking with practically minded insight to produce a program fit for busy small businesses and nonprofits. The result is a clear path to sustainability that doesn’t require a Master’s degree.

We think Green Plus is a great entry point, though the process of doing green better is ongoing and continuous. As you continue along, here are some other Tips and Resources that can complement your new mojo.

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