Why Sustainability?

You might not know it, but
sustainability is mainstream now.

Bigger commitments. According to a 2011 MIT Sloan/BCG survey of over 3,000 companies, 59% are increasing their commitment to sustainability. Sustainability is increasingly becoming the norm.

Did you know? Sustainability disclosures are becoming a requirement for the supply chains of the world’s largest businesses, including Walmart, Proctor & Gamble and Kaiser Permanente. Is your business ready to meet the new bar?

Rush to be sustainable. A 2011 KPMG Corporate Responsibility study of over 350 executives found that 62% of companies have a strategic plan for corporate sustainability in place, and 11% are developing one. More than half of those plans have arisen in the past three years. Just for comparison, only 11% have had a plan in place since at least 2001.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Sustainability can be overwhelming for smaller organizations. Let us help you get your footing and set you on a course of sustainable success.

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