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Renewed Yearly



Renewed Yearly

What is Green Plus Certification?

Green Plus is recognized as a university backed, third-party certification through a broad, mainly chamber-based network. It is more of a process certification, rather than a product certification.  We provide member businesses with the resources they need to improve their bottom line through sustainability initiatives.

Member businesses have the opportunity to earn our nationally recognized, third party green business certification by earning a specific score on our Diagnostic Survey (see score requirements below). Businesses who successfully earn Certification report enjoying improvement in their branding and marketing strategies, employee retention, cost savings, higher revenue generation, and customer loyalty within their communities.

How do I go about becoming Green Plus Certified?

In order to earn Green Plus Certification, a business must take the Green Plus Diagnostic Survey, which will assess that business’s sustainability efforts across three categories: People, Planet, and Performance.

A business must earn a score of at least 80% overall, with at least a 70% in each of the above three categories.

Who can become Green Plus Certified?

Green Plus Certification is for anyone willing to dedicate their business practices to the high standards of the Green Plus program. We work with businesses across a variety of sectors, from restaurants to auto mechanics to manufacturers to accounting firms.

The Certification program itself is geared specifically for small- and medium-sized businesses, which for Green Plus, is defined as any business with less than 500 employees.

We also have specific requirements for sole proprietors and nonprofits that might not have the same resources available to them as other businesses. These separate versions of the program, while equally stringent, enable smaller enterprises of all kinds to feel served and that the process is fair and achievable.

What do I get out of being a member of the Green Plus Program?

Organizations that become part of the Green Plus program are part of a nation-wide network of businesses that have challenged themselves to achieve the high standards of the Green Plus program, and have dedicated themselves to being a sustainable business.

Some of the benefits of being a Green Plus member include:

How much does Certification cost?

$75 for sole proprietors, which we define as organizations with two or fewer employees.

 $275 for all general businesses.

 Subscriptions last for one year.

Additionally, we partner with Chambers of Commerce around the country to provide Chamber members discounts to the Green Plus program.
If you are a member of one of our Chamber partners, email with the subject line “Chamber Member Registration Discount” for a special coupon code.  Click here to See a List of Our Chamber Partners.